• IamATfan67


    March 10, 2013 by IamATfan67

    Yeah. It's an update. I may not have time to be on here because Severe Weather Season has begun, and I'll only keep pages up to track severe weather. I'm sorry if anyone PMs me on AT wiki chat or this chat and don't respond. i'll be busy doin stuff, so yeah.

    Sorry for the convienence.

    Sincerly, IamATfan67

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  • Finn0977

    mondays are rad!

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  • Thefinnlink


    February 23, 2013 by Thefinnlink

    So a shout out to all new users i will be happy to answer any questions and here are a couple of pertinant answers

    I used this Blog to help me create my signature

    Too make polls do this minus the spaces

    < poll >

    Title of Poll

    Choice One

    Choice Two

    Choice Three



    < poll >

    What Is your Favorite Color





    Now take away the spaces and you get this

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  • IamATfan67

    IamATfan67 is in the HOUSE

    February 22, 2013 by IamATfan67

    Yes, i am now here on THIS wiki right as you speak

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  • Hpwkep98

    Just Testing The Blog

    February 19, 2013 by Hpwkep98

    Yep, everythings in order here.

    Happy Roleplaying --------Hpwkep98 (founder)

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  • Bettypetrikov

    I was on poptropica today.I never go on there but I was fesprate for entertainment. Anyway when I got there I saw an Adventure time ad so I clicked on a video it had and it was a commercial and I thought I had seen it but I watched anyway and I saw there was more. There was Simon and Marcy and Vault of Bones clips. It was so cool.Poptropica is free to join so don't worry. 

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